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Sweet Lady is a three piece band hailing out of Louisville, KY. Formed in 2021 they've steadily worked the ranks as one of Louisville’s most entertaining bands.

They released their first single Hot Pressed in June 2022 and followed it up with the single, Red Handed released in October 2022. Their latest single, She’s On Fire released in January 2023, has been met with rave reviews. With plans to release their debut EP in 2023, they have began touring to support its release. They have opened for Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown in October of 2021 and opened for the Cold Stares in August of 2022 and again in January 2023, and the guitar master Eric Gales in June 2023


With the classic toned guitar of Blue Williams, the modern style drumming of Jordan Simpson, and the alternative bass cranking of Boomer Purcell, the trio combines for a high energy, blues rock group.

"Many pleased ears have enjoyed the beating of the blues rock groove that has been bestowed upon them…we look forward to pleasuring more.” - Blue Williams

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I had considered Sweet Lady to be a band that would excel mostly in live shows.  Last month they released “She’s On Fire” and it blew me away.  Lyrically, it is a straight-forward sincere, but obsessive, love story (what guy hasn’t been there?).  Everything about this recording is a leap forward for Sweet Lady. - Bourbon Turntable Kevin Rose

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Sweet Lady Is On Fire With New Single. Louisville Blues rock trio Sweet Lady just released their new single "She's On Fire" that would've made Stevie Ray Vaughan proud. Great guitar work and solid lyrics infuse this heavy jam of a tune. - Louisville Public Media Laura Shine

We caught Louisville rock trio Sweet Lady "Red Handed" on new single. Guitarist Blue Williams, drummer Jordan Simpson, and bassist Boomer Purcell are keeping up momentum with the release of this new high-energy track.- WFPK Otis Junior

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Louisville trio Sweet Lady released their debut single "Hot Pressed." The new band offers a blend of sounds that create a high-energy blues rock feel. - WFPK Otis Junior

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